🎵samantha himegarner


we’re a group of students from vastly different backgrounds who come together every week to discuss the topics that matter to students right now.

 My name is Samantha Himegarner. I am 18 years old and from Madison, Wisconsin. I work as a content intern here at Fiveable and am a host on Homeroom and Book Club as well. My favorite thing about Fiveable is the strong sense of community and being able to connect with students from a variety of backgrounds! 

My passions lie in music and education. I want to work to make both of these things more accessible to everyone around the world! I love to sing and I play the piano and cello as well. When I’m not making a noise, I also love to read and write.

I am currently studying Music Education with a minor in Spanish and Luther College in Iowa. I hope to be able to pursue studies in historical musicology as well!