👋 danna gefland


we’re a group of students from vastly different backgrounds who come together every week to discuss the topics that matter to students right now.

 I’m Danna Esther Gelfand, a seventeen-year-old high school rising senior from Brooklyn, NY. I’m a host for Homeroom and I’m excited to make my voice heard on various engaging topics through this platform and to work with such talented people.

I’m very passionate about music, especially performing for community and charity events. I’ve been singing since I was 4 years old and for the past three years transitioned to the genre of opera. I’m also passionate about volunteering, informing others about volunteering opportunities, and organizing events.

I hope to pursue a career in medicine and currently an intern as a medical assistant for an Ophthalmology center. My academic interests are quite extensive however, the main ones are Nutritional sciences, Psychology, Biology, and Mathematics. I’m very passionate about mental health as well as physical health.